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Course registrations open

01 April - 28 July

Our coaches are part of the Padel Zenter Academy, which works with a specific training system that benefits all types of players, and is built to allow everyone to reach the maximum of their abilities.

The teaching methodology is that used by the world elite and by several prestigious federations.

Private lessons and courses are booked through the Playtomic app; if you want to book hours that are not available in the app, you can call the center directly.

Book your lessons through the PlayTomic app. For general information, please contact:



If you want to elevate your level of play, you've come to the right place! If you are passionate about padel and want to improve your technical skills, now is the perfect time to start.

Padel Zenter offers you a wide range of courses suited to your skill level: beginner, basic, intermediate, high intermediate, and advanced.

For more details on the courses available for each level, feel free to get in touch with us by e-mail or by calling us directly at our center.

Book now through the Course and Class section on Playtomic! We are excited to welcome you and help you reach your goals in padel!

Alejandro Capitani is officially the new coach of PadelZenter.

Always a player and passionate about Padel, he has been part of the FEP (Spanish Padel Federation) since 2021.


Alejandro is a coach for all levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced and professionals. He has a strong ability to adapt his teaching to the individual needs of everyone.


He also demonstrated his skills on the field, winning the title of Champion of Navarre in the junior and adult categories. His experience as a player blends with the technical knowledge of coaching, creating a complete and balanced approach to each type of training.


Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner learning fundamentals or advanced players looking for improvement, Alejandro is the perfect resource for you. His dedication, knowledge and engaging approach will lead you to achieve new goals in the world of padel.


You will find it every day in our PadelZenter Academy.

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